Crane Hire Fremantle


Photo of Ashburton Crane Hire Fremantle lifting prefabricated minerals processing plant equipment. Two hired cranes lifted heavy ship cargo from a boat docked at the Port of  Fremantle wharf. The synchronised cranes lifted the heavy loads to low loading trucks for transport to a big new lithium plant project at Kwinana.

2 Crane hire Perth

2 Wharf Cranes Fremantle Harbour for Kwinana lithium processing plant.

Our hired cranes followed the trucks from the Fremantle wharf to the Kwinana industrial complex to unload and lift into position the heavy mineral processing plant gear.

Ashburton crane hire Fremantle is often hired for loading and unloading at the Port of Frementle and at the Australian Marine Complex at nearby Henderson next to Kwinana.