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Navigation Mast Install

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ACH was mandated to install a navigation mast on the Cube Transporter at the AMC Wharf Henderson. Barge is bound for Wheatstone gas plant Onslow.

- 2 ACH personnel involved
- ACH 95t Liebherr crane

Job successfully completed on time and on budget!

The Right Choice

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Over the past 10 years, Ashburton Crane has been involved in large scale construction projects across Australia and supplies wet and dry crane hire to Blue Chip clientele.

Give us a call and see for yourself why ACH is the right choice!

ACH Enters Luxury Home Market

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ACH is undertaking cranage and rigging works for the development of a new 5 star apartment complex overlooking Perth city in Kings Park.

The duration of the project is approximately 16 months using cranes from 25 tonne to 100 tonne from our fleet to complete the build.

Mission impossible? no way!

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Ashburton Crane Hire was called to the rescue to assist a drilling company to do some exploration drilling for a future project but could not access the rear of the property.

We successfully performed the following tasks:

  • Lift their Drill rig and other equipment over and down a limestone wall
  • Used a 25t Franna and 2 x Riggers with the 1st rigger on the Franna side to guide the rig as it was lifted over and 2nd to land it.
  • Once the drilling project completed, we loaded the equipment back out of the property.

Mission accomplished on time and on budget!